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About Signum Abyssi

The Website

If you are an outsider individual with varied interests but you resonate the most with the darker side of existence, The Sign of the Abyss might be the place for you.

Here you will find all sorts of material: from opinion articles on politics, to posts about magic or occultism, art, music, and more.

The intent here is not so much to build a “community” but a loose-knit group of highly individualistic freethinkers, and a haven for those who might feel disenfranchised by new orthodoxies and contemporary dogmas.

Especially if you are interested in Western esotericism and magick but you don’t feel represented by mainline orders, groups or publications, which have been co-opted by modern-day inquisitors who stifle free inquiry, Signum Abyssi might be the place for you.


The Author

My name is Angelo but I tend to use other aliases for different purposes or at different epochs. For my current endeavors, I’m going by the name Ansel Diamond.

I am a Gen-X male of Southern European extraction. My interests are quite variegated and oftentimes contradictory.

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